Tuesday, 29 September 2009


The other day I was wearing the necklace in the top left corner and it reminded me of the sun. It was only a cheap necklace but there is something lovely about it-it makes me think of cowboys and buckles-it is quite heavy metal and nice to play with when you wear it. Anyway, once it had reminded me of the sun, I started to think about how much of my jewellery is representative of real things. I think this is because of my love of miniature things-I have a whole collection, not currently displayed (lack of room!) Then I thought of loosely arranging them in a scene-I suppose I could have made more of a scene of it, but got carried away recording the tiny details of the pieces of jewellery I picked.
In case you are interested, here is a list of the items-going left to right and top to bottom.
Sun like necklace
Rainbow chunky plastic ring
Star earring (plastic)
Moon necklace (silver and ivory coloured resin)
Bird earring (wooden-painted)
Grapes earring (glass)
Butterfly earring(enamel)
South American couple-kind of embroidered I think
Enamel faces earrings
Plastic moulded rabbit brooch
Lego skeleton necklace
Enamel on silver snake charm
Alice in wonderland rabbit and watch earrings
Enamel daisy earring
Turquoise, coral and silver earring
Enamel cat brooch
Tiny silver fishbone earrings


Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! I love all the jewelry pieces you picked to illustrate. Seeing your progress is reminding me I need to work on my journal. And to not take it so seriously that it freaks me out and just have fun instead! :-)

Tracy said...

Gorgeous, fanciful jewelry, Sarah... You've really been keeping at this project, it's a pleasure to see what you are doing with it! Happy Day ((HUGS))