Monday, 19 October 2009


Here I am again in the hallway! I am wearing my work clothes-I actually looked quite smart today-my choice of clothes must depend on my role for that week or day-this week I am indoors working in the literacy area of the nursery so I can wear skirts and boots if I like. I do tend to wear trousers most of the time as I sit on the floor a lot. Tomorrow is Forest School so I am wearing old trousers, waterproof trousers, cotton top and fleece. I will be boiling no doubt in the waterproof trousers but they are great for sitting on the grass or rolling down the hill!
I was drawing this in the hall when it was dark outside and was standing right under the light-hence the strong shadow on my nose! I had to totally rub out the head and start again at one point so this, although not much of a likeness, was my better second attempt!


I am getting a little anxious to GET THIS FINISHED now! I can't seem to do other journals, sketchbooks or anything much while this is not finished. I have really enjoyed doing this book and I may do other books with themes as it has made me focus more than I normally do. I intend to do a few simple sketches of outfits over this week so I can send it off in my holiday next week. In this one I am wearing jeans, a grey linen dress and a stripey jersey type top. I am holding the sketchbook and standing in the hallway where there is a mirror.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


This is true. I have a wardrobe full of brightly coloured patterned things which don't go together. I buy them in moments of optimism and then wonder why. I once read that people tend to buy brighter things when on holiday-or more adventurous things than they normally would-I suppose because they feel released from the hum-drum day to day life. Some examples from my wardrobe-a bright lime green mac and a bright rainbow stripe jumper-both from New York.
Isn't this yellow headache inducing? The more I look at it, the more I think so!


I am not a big on cosmetics or products person, but there are a few favourites I have stuck with over the years. I was quite remiss in beginning to moisturise but once I did I tried lots of different creams. Finally I have settled with clinique and I love their dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I also use their toner but have gone off their face wash as I found it too drying. Now I use the gorgeous Eau Thermale Avene-Gel demaquillant douceur-mmm!
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula in all its incarnations is my favourite all time body lotion. It smells of chocolate and really works. I can feel it nourishing my skin!
The little red bottle is a lip and cheek tint-weird liquid that you paint on your lips. I like it as it gives a bit of colour but is not cloying like lipstick can be. My favourite perfume at the moment is Allure Sensuel by Chanel. Mmmm again!
As I was doing this page the song Keep young and beautiful popped into my head! Annie Lennox is singing it in the link-who knew!



Roads, maps, planning journeys and driving-all very enjoyable and pleasant. The collage background is a great old small atlas from the charity shop with only black and white maps-very crisply drawn. I love studying maps for the place names alone. We always buy ordnance survey maps of anywhere new we are going on holiday-they are so detailed and fascinating!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Stripey long socks are my favourite type of socks, closely followed by the thick and cosy ones I wear in the evening.


I got the idea for this page from the newspaper picture that was there. I have lots of woolly jumpers. I chose three that were different shades of purple and different textures. I enjoyed looking at the detail of the stitches.


As I was doing the washing up the other evening, vacantly staring out of the window at the trees, sky and collapsed tomato plants, I suddenly realised that I was not thinking of anything apart from the job I was doing and the things I could see. I was outside of myself! I have sketched the precariously balancing results of my labours and the surrounding bits and pieces.


Me and millions of others I know! I tend to get a bit obsessed with certain songs or albums and listen to them over and over again, before moving onto something else for a while.
Certain lyrics stick with me and get stuck in my head. It sometimes takes me a while to decipher some words but eventually I learn the whole song. On these pages I have put a few of my favourite lyrics.
Left to right and top to bottom:-
Nick Cave, Lou Reed, The Be Good Tanyas, a song from the 'Withnail and I' soundtrack-not sure who it is by. Hank Williams (the silence of a falling star one) (I think this may be my all time favourite, it is just breathtaking), Tanya Donnelly(Belly), The Editors, Fleet Foxes and Fleet Foxes again.
I do love to sing. I am not sure I am any good at it but I am grateful to have a job where singing every day is accepted good practice!