Saturday, 28 November 2009


I have stuck this little explanation booklet into the front of the sketchbook. It shows how the pages were initially created from an outline of myself.


The internet has only really been a part of my life for about four years and I am so happy it is as it has opened up so many possibilities for me-this being one of them! So thank you the internet, for taking me outside of myself!
This sketch is based on the current desktop photo of Andy, Tiger and Lily, using the internet! The cats use it to get our attention as they must have noticed the inordinate amount of time we spend sitting in one place staring at the computer. So if they sit there, chances are they will get some love! I sat where Andy is sitting to do my little painting. I was talking to my brother on the phone and I looked down to realise Lily had twisted her paw around where I had painted the tangle of wires-thus smudging them! I re-did them but they look blurry now. So Lily has contributed to my sketchbook.


Some of my make-up-which I don't wear much of. I love the pretty colours of the products and the packaging-I am a bit of a sucker for that.
I used the make-up itself to colour the sketch-the sparkly eyeliners worked particularly well! The eye shadows are like soft and shimmery pastels.
I seem to have four blushers. Obviously none of them were the perfect shade! The eyeshadow I wear most days is in the top left of the photo and didn't even make it into the sketch! It is the one with six colours-clinique-so soft and lovely!
This is the second to last page-one more to go, the front cover and a bit of information and I am finished!

Monday, 16 November 2009


My outfit on Saturday done in sgraffito- a technique I had forgotten about and used to love. I have a long way to go with this I think!


My outfit last Wednesday. I photocopied the fabric so in reality the circles are much smaller in relation to the skirt. It is a Boden skirt picked up in Deptford second hand market for three pounds!
I can't draw hands. I tried though!


Page of ephemera including photocopy of 1900s sewing magazine, Pelham Puppets broken packaging, collector's tea card, old chemist labels, old sheet music, stamp from Spain and page from a Russian language book.
I enjoyed making this page. It took me quite a while and I had a few disasters such as overdoing the black on the edge-it wiped off though as there is so much gesso and matt medium on the page!


A page based on a very busy printed blouse. I have only worn it once. It is from the charity shop and I was drawn to its bright colours (I have mentioned this before!) I may wear it again. I like the turquoise and brown combination.


I like this page-I used my newish chalks and my favourite pen and ink. The chalks cover the area so quickly-good for impatient artists. I have recently taken to blow-drying my fringe straight as it seems to stop it sticking up annoyingly by lunchtime. It is an extra thing to fit in the morning routine though so I work fast! I am always cutting said fringe as I leave too long between hair cut appointments-hence the scissors.


Practising my cross hatching!


I do love shiny things-I may be a magpie in another life I think. I am not that keen on this page out of all the ones I have done. But once I started I had to carry on! I used glitter, gold leaf, gold transfer stuff-I have no idea of its proper name-we have had it in the art cupboard at school for years-you put Pritt Stick where you want it then rub on the plastic transfer stuff-like you do with gold leaf I suppose. It comes in gold, silver, copper and other metallic colours.
'Shiny' is done in embossing powder-stamped letters made from polystyrene.


I used a photo for this page but the ink changed colour when I stuck it down. I quite liked the effect in the end because it changed to a greeny hue quite reminiscent of the sea! The seaweed is in a vase on the side and is from Sheppey. I have that kind, a pale leafy kind and also some crambe maritima (I think) seeds which are beautiful.