Thursday, 15 October 2009


I am not a big on cosmetics or products person, but there are a few favourites I have stuck with over the years. I was quite remiss in beginning to moisturise but once I did I tried lots of different creams. Finally I have settled with clinique and I love their dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I also use their toner but have gone off their face wash as I found it too drying. Now I use the gorgeous Eau Thermale Avene-Gel demaquillant douceur-mmm!
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula in all its incarnations is my favourite all time body lotion. It smells of chocolate and really works. I can feel it nourishing my skin!
The little red bottle is a lip and cheek tint-weird liquid that you paint on your lips. I like it as it gives a bit of colour but is not cloying like lipstick can be. My favourite perfume at the moment is Allure Sensuel by Chanel. Mmmm again!
As I was doing this page the song Keep young and beautiful popped into my head! Annie Lennox is singing it in the link-who knew!

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Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Lovely drawing. I like the mask motif. They changed the formula of my favorite moisturizer and totally changed the scent to one I don't like. So now I am going through lots of different ones trying to find something new I like. So frustrating! We do get attached to what works for us, don't we? :-)