Sunday, 20 September 2009


My new Rocket Dog Disco Stars boots-they are beautiful, too beautiful to wear! They are like something that children wear but for grown ups-I love them!


Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Super boots! Love the stars in the background, too! :-)

Candace said...

Hello Sarah,

Well, catching up is fun to do over here. Those boots are IT!

Isn't it funny how kids pop things on immediately, not caring about how truly fleeting such temporal things are and thus they enjoy it all and fully, while adults who know it's all over much too soon, drag it out and sometimes miss part of the fun?

Here, you put those boots on! LOL.

Take care. You are doing such Wonderful Work!
Candace in Athens x

Tracy said...

You could get a good groove on with boots like those ;o)