Saturday, 12 September 2009


From left to right, top to bottom:-

Tiny Red (Vanessa Valencia-A Fanciful Twist), Mother's Day Doll(She has bird children) (Beth Robinson-Strange Dolls), Violet (Mealy Monster Land), Titania, (Me!) Broken Hearted Doll (Beth Robinson), Gothic Lolita (Beth Robinson), Susanne (Du Buh Du Designs)

I have a collection of old dolls-not valuable old dolls, just old. They are beautiful to me. (I would like to clarify-they are not the porcelain type Victorian dolls, or the baby doll type-they are costume dolls from different countries mainly)

In the past, I have made papier mache figures-just three-two of them were Frida and Diego Kahlo. When I became involved in blogland I realised that there are so many Frida fans out there and many of them feel drawn to make a representation of her so I am not alone there! Then I discovered the world of art dolls-did I know about it before? I can't remember, but I am so glad I do now. I have a growing collection which I love. I love to look at their faces, and, as someone who is learning to make them, I am inspired by and in awe of the artists that make such beautiful things. Their little faces do really take me outside of myself-I stare and stare at them. They are, logically, inanimate objects, made of clay or cloth. But to me they look real and I read many doll artist's writings and they all say the same thing-that their dolls start to take on a personality of their own as they emerge.


Mar said...

great faces!

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Nice collection of faces! So many different personalities! :-)